Laboratory Facility

AKE has maintained an approximately 10,000 square foot indoor testing facility since moving to our current location in 2007, increasing our capabilities and laboratory equipment regularly.

Our current capabilities include stereomicroscopy with digital imaging, high-definition X-ray imaging, real time infrared imaging, multi-channel data acquisition, three-axis accelerometer measurement, numerous force gauges and load cells, flow measurement for liquids and gases, pressure testing, full scale recreation and testing including fire events and simulations, high-speed videography up to 20,000 frames per second, with Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) coming soon.  In addition, we have 3-D printing capabilities for rapid test fixture fabrication, prototype development and design analysis.

Fabrication Capabilities

  • We commonly build unique test set-ups, allowing us to conduct very specific testing, often in an attempt to recreate the failure being investigated.
  • We build our own courtroom exhibits, giving us the time to become familiar with them, and incorporate features that aid in our explanation during trial.

Testing Capabilities

  • Sectioning of failed components/equipment
  • Flow rates and pressure determination at various points in a fluid system
  • Load cell and accelerometer testing
  • Fire chamber testing
    • Using our secure fire chamber, we can recreate fire causation scenarios
  • Life cycle testing
  • Material performance
    • Using exemplars, we can recreate failure environments and test various materials for suitability