Video Media

Video Media

 Dust Cloud Ignition

Dust Cloud ignition and flame front at 1000 fps. The small size of dust cloud particles (corn starch in this example) provides a large surface to volume ratio. Allowing the particles to off gas quickly when exposed to heat. The gases ignite and the process propagates rapidly. Demonstration of the principle cause for grain silo and other dust explosions.


 Fall Protection Anchor Testing

Residential construction fall protection anchor testing. 300 lb weight dropped from a crane to verify the strength of anchorage points.


 Saw Spark Fuel Ignition Test

Test to verify saw generated sparks are sufficient to ignite a fuel soaked shirt. Gasoline soaked cotton shirt ignites after exposure to sparks from metal cutting saw during testing. Test results indicated a fuel leak could cause a saw operator’s shirt to ignite during saw use.


Wheel Failure

Small split rim wheel assembly fails at over pressure in test chamber.

English XL VIT Slip Test

Test at a slip coefficient of 0.4 with the English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer at 1000 frames per second. Test foot detail at approx. 5000 fps.


Projectile Penetrating a Light Bulb

The projectile, proceeding from right to left, creates considerable damage at the entry but a clean exit.

Match Head Ignition

Beginning at a single point the lighting of a match head ignition progress viewed at 1000 fps.

Incandescent Light Bulb Fracture and Subsequent Filament Failure

Once exposed to air the incandescent filament fails due to over heating without its vacuum environment but retains considerable visible slowly fading heat.

OSHA Pipe Pressure Test

Large water pipe pressure testing contracted by OSHA. Pipe failed to hold pressure which verified the pipe integrity was sub-par.