Video Media

Video Media

 OSHA Pipe Pressure Test

Large water pipe pressure testing contracted by OSHA. Pipe failed to hold pressure which verified the pipe integrity was sub-par.


 Fall Protection Anchor Testing

Residential construction fall protection anchor testing. 300 lb weight dropped from a crane to verify the strength of anchorage points.


 Saw Spark Fuel Ignition Test

Test to verify saw generated sparks are sufficient to ignite a fuel soaked shirt. Gasoline soaked cotton shirt ignites after exposure to sparks from metal cutting saw during testing. Test results indicated a fuel leak could cause a saw operator’s shirt to ignite during saw use.


Wheel Failure

Small split rim wheel assembly fails at over pressure in test chamber.

English XL VIT Slip Test

Test at a slip coefficient of 0.4 with the English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer at 1000 frames per second.