Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Hugh McSpadden AIAA Lifetime Achievement Award

Alternate visual examination methods allow us to not only determine failure causes, but illustrate them as well.



Anthropometric and Test Surrogate Dummies for Human Factors Testing and Analysis


area msmt

Microscopic area measurement of a corrosion caused hole to analyze leak rate. Tiny pinhole in copper pipe surface.



A critical component’s thread damage lead to flammable gas being released and eventually igniting and causing injury. Optical analysis and inspection revealed the damage and hazardous component condition.



Graphic Analysis of explosive gas spread from basement level location outward. The analysis helped explain the spread and resulting explosive forces that occurred.

RO Can

Cross sections of RO housing revealing voids that can occur during the manufacturing process. These voids can lead to housing failures and subsequent water leaks. Depending on where the RO system is mounted this can sometimes lead to large amounts of water damage to residential and commercial properties. 2011 Subrogator Magazine Article


X-Ray imaging as a non-destructive method used for internal inspection. This technique is useful for seeing flaws or defects not normally visible from the exterior.