Our staff includes a mixture of engineering specialties, education and experience. This allows us to provide comprehensive analysis, using the best that experience, the latest tools, and up to date technique can provide.

David Komm, P.E., PEng, CFEI





  D. Komm CV



Mechanical Engineering
Electromechanical Failure Analysis
Fires, Explosions, and Carbon Monoxide Exposure
Product Liability/Design Defect

Dave is the President of AKE Inc. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and 31 years’ experience, the last 14 in forensics. Dave is registered in multiple states and Alberta, Canada.


Quent Augspurger P.E.

augspurger413   Q. Augspurger CV


Mechanical Engineering
Material Handling Equipment
Agricultural Equipment
High Pressure Liquid and Gas Systems
Machinery and Tooling
Manufacturing Processes

Founder of the firm, Quent is a fellow with the American Council of Engineering Companies.  He has been in practice for over 40 years.


Mark Cannon, P.E., CFEI

cannon313a   M Cannon CV


Safety Engineering
Workplace Accidents
Safety Engineering
Fall Protection
Industrial Equipment, Construction
Equipment, Machine Guarding, Machine Failures,
Consumer Products

Mark has 34 years’ experience in industry and engineering,
the last 17 in forensics. He is registered in multiple states.



Todd Springer, P.E.

springer413    T. Springer CV


Mechanical Engineering
Appliance Fires
Roofing, Including Wind/Hail Damage
Material Failures
Water Filtration & Supply Line Failures
Trip/Fall and Slip/Fall
Building Code Compliance and Workmanship Issues

Todd is responsible for our national clients
involving home appliance issues.



Dan Cowley, P.E.

cowley413   D. Cowley CV


Mechanical and Safety Engineering
Industrial and Workplace Accidents
Agricultural and Heavy Equipment
Engines and Power Equipment
Fire Causation
Control System and Embedded Software Analysis


Dan has 35 years of industrial experience with John Deere
including areas of research, product development,
design, test and failure analysis.


Paul G. Bakalis, RA, NCARB, CSBA

bakalis413   P. Bakalis CV


Trip/Fall and Slip/Fall
Building and Site Architecture
Engineering and Construction
Human Factors
Safety and Risk Mitigation


Paul is a registered Architect, qualified in multiple states,
with over 35 years’ experience.


Joe Zbick, P.E.

joe1   J. Zbick CV


Structural Engineering
New and Repair Construction
Masonry, Timber, Concrete, Steel Construction
Seismic Construction
Historic and Current Building Codes


Joe has 17 years of experience in new and existing building structural design and analysis.



Scott Baer, P.E., CFEI

scott1   S. Baer CV


Electrical Engineering
Fire Causation
Shock and Arc Flash
Product Safety
Lightning Strikes
UL / ICC / FCC Code Compliance
Telecommunications / Data Centers


Scott has over 30 years’ experience in the electronic and telecommunications industries.



Bill Powers

billp1    B. Powers CV


Crane and Heavy Equipment Operations
Crane Rigging and Operations
Safety and Operator Training
Heavy Equipment Inspections


Bill has over 35 years of experience in crane and equipment inspections.



R. Patrick Donahue, P.E., CFEI, CVFI

donahue313   P. Donahue CV


Electrical Engineering / Automotive
Airbag Systems
Electrical Failure Analysis
Vehicle Fire Investigation
Vehicle Diagnostics and Control Systems
CDR System Analyst
Vehicle Braking Systems


Patrick has 15 years’ experience in design,
manufacturing and testing at General Motors.



Kerry Knapp, PH.D

knapp413    K. Knapp CV


Biomechanics and Anatomy
Anatomical Injury
Human Tissue Injury
High and Low Energy Injury Analysis
Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation
Sports and Firearm Injury Analysis
Industrial Injuries
Dr. Knapp integrates the laws of physics and engineering principles to examination of biomechanics and human injury.



Judson Matthias, Ph.D.

mathias413  J. Matthias CV


Civil Engineering / Traffic Engineering
Roadway Design
Transportation Planning
Traffic Engineering
Highway Signing/Marking, Traffic Control
Human Factors
Vehicular Accident Reconstruction and Analysis


Dr. Matthias has 45 years’ experience in engineering and is a former professor at Arizona State University.



Richard N. Hinrichs, Ph.D.

Rick2   R. Hinrichs CV


Biomechanics / Human Factors
Accident Reconstruction
Upper Extremity Function and Trauma
Body Segment Interactions
Human Factors/Ergonomics
Human Movement
Biomechanics of Locomotion


Dr. Hinrichs is a professor at Arizona State University.


Claude Baker, P.E.

baker413    C. Baker CV


Civil/Structural Engineering
Construction Design,
Construction Analysis,
Structural Engineering Design
Investigation, Construction Methods
Load Tests, Concreting Techniques
Steel Erection Methods/Safety & OSHA Compliance
Hydraulic Equipment, Hydraulic Components
Pile Testing
Steel Mill Plant Design
Crane Design


Hugh McSpadden

mcspadden413   H. McSpadden CV


Development of Test Fixtures and Methodology

Hugh has 45 years’ experience in chemistry and chemical processes in industry and aerospace.


Roy Otterbein, P.E.

otterbein413   R. Otterbein CV


HVAC Design/Mechanical Engineer
HVAC Design & Performance
Residential & Commercial HVAC System Analysis
Heat Exchangers
Evaporative Coolers

Roy has over 30 years of experience in HVAC system design and performance.


Mark Rognlin

rognlin413    M. Rognlin CV


Chief Forensic Technician
Artifact Examinations and Dis-assembly
Exemplar Procurement
Model Construction


Mike Craghead

craghead413   M. Craghead CV


Engineering Technician
History of Design
Similar Manufacturers and Products
Recalls and Investigations
Electro-Mechanical Systems
Instrumentation, & Testing


Barbara Desmond



Pam Hennig