Can you use a gas line connector in a water supply system?


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Threads Gas vs WaterAdapter with Connections - Black Steel

The short answer is no and here’s why. Gas lines are designed for moving gas along a specified path, or gas train, Gas connections have a set of governing standards,  principally, ANSI Z21 .24, .69, and .75. These provide specifications that maximize safety.


Water lines, like gas lines, have governing standards to keep people safe which are provided by ASME A112.18.6 and others. Water lines use metals specifically designed to resist corrosion; these metals may not be resistant to the corrosive effects of natural gas.


In order to deter improper installation the connectors have different physical characteristics including thread configurations. Meaning it is difficult to physically screw a gas line connector to a water line since the thread counts do not line up evenly. Although it is difficult to get the different fittings to screw together, a connection can still be made by using an adapter. Adapters are designed to connect different diameter size and thread count. Can a gas line and a water line be connected with an adapter? Yes. Is it recommended? No, because it violates codes and standards and is a safety hazard.