Laboratory Facility

Laboratory Facility

Augspurger Komm Engineering and BTI Consultants have a 12,000 square foot shop used for fabricating models, conducting testing and hosting group inspections/examinations.  The shop also provides us with the ability to securely store large pieces of evidence such as vehicles, boats, and heavy equipment.  Our laboratory facilities incorporate a wide range of tools and testing equipment that allow us to conduct comprehensive failure investigations.


  • We commonly build unique test set-ups, allowing us to conduct very specific testing, often in an attempt to recreate the failure being investigated.
  • We build our own courtroom exhibits, giving us the time to become familiar with them, and incorporate features that aid in our explanation during trial.


  • Sectioning of failed components/equipment
  • Flow rates and pressure determination at various points in a fluid system
  • Load cell and accelerometer testing
  • Fire chamber testing
    • Using our secure fire chamber, we can recreate fire causation scenarios
  • Life cycle testing
  • Material performance
    • Using exemplars, we can recreate failure environments and test various materials for suitability