Product Liability


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We provide in-depth investigations and reviews of both consumer and industrial products.  Our investigations typically focus on the reduction of hazards that can result in property damage or personal injury, and include the evaluation of product design and the design process, as well as manufacturing methods and procedures. Perhaps most importantly, our analyses address end user operation or usage of products, including user expectations as well as manufacturer responsibilities.

Common Products Investigations Include:

  • Plumbing components
    • Reverse osmosis filter canisters, water supply lines, valves, pressure regulators
  • Household Products
    • Appliances
    • Child Products
    • Electrical Devices
    • Outdoor Equipment
    • Power Tools
  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery
    • Presses, conveyors, saws, augers, heavy equipment, mobile equipment

Fire caused by welded contact failure.


Proper machine guarding on this saw could have prevented a workplace injury.