Mechanical Engineering and Design


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Mechanical Engineering is a discipline that involves the application of physics, the understanding of established design principles, the design process, the manufacturing process, the expected operation environment of the equipment, and the maintenance of mechanical systems. Additionally, strong mechanical designs must take into consideration:

  • Application of Device
    • Utility of design for intended application
  • Materials Used
    • Properties such as strength, deflection at elevated temperatures, corrosion resistance and ductility are examples of important material characteristics that, when overlooked, can result in catastrophic failure.
  • Dynamics
    • An understanding of the kinetics and kinematics of machine elements, and how the elements interact provides the basic information needed to identify critical components and failure modes.
  • Thermodynamics
    • To prevent heat caused failure or unintentional fires and burns, it is necessary to understand where and how heat is generated within a product/system, what external heat sources affect that product/system and how heat is transferred throughout the product/system.


Fatigue cracking is seen here in a tread link for heavy equipment used in foresting applications. Finite element analysis (FEA) revealed overloading in compression which is consistent with the fatigue cracking observed.