Construction Defect and Quality Control


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Augspurger Komm Engineering and BTI Consultants provide expertise in all aspects of construction, from design and code compliance issues to workmanship standards for individual trades. We have a successful history of resolving issues related to improper design, failure to follow plans and specifications, poor coordination amongst trades, construction contracts and defective building components.

Our office has also been retained in a quality control role to review plans and specifications, as well as provide third party inspections throughout construction. Through these inspections, we have been able to resolve a number of conflicts that could have led to serious personal injury or significant costs in years following project completion.

Typical Construction Issues:

  • Product and Property Damage
  • Quality Control
  • Workmanship
  • Construction Contracts
  • Repair Costs
  • Building Code Requirements
  • Causation of Damage


Simple structures, such as this four-post carport, still need corner braces to keep the structure stable.

Construction defects that may seem trivial at the time can result in catastrophic damage.  During a building boom, a shortage of joist hangers led to the construction crew utilizing sub-standard components.  Eventually, scuppers plugged by leaves and a severe rainstorm overwhelmed the roof.

Can a swimming pool float?  Yes.  Buoyancy forces due to saturated soils about this empty pool made it rise above grade level.  Can it be repaired in place?  No.