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Chlorine in Drinking Water: Why and What are the Effects?

Chlorine is credited as being discovered in the late 18th century by a Swedish chemist named Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Scheele however did not realize chlorine itself as an element, this was concluded by Sir Humphry Davy in the early 19th century. Since these discoveries chlorine has been used for a variety of purposes including textile […]

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Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing): What is it and how is it used?

Traditional manufacturing and machining processes typically begin with a simple block of material and functional parts are created by the removal (subtraction) or shaping the material from the initial volume.   In contrast, additive manufacturing is a process in which parts are created by the buildup (not removal) of material into a desired shape or form. […]

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Slips, Trips and Falls – An Evolution in Walkway Safety

The built environment has changed significantly throughout history and walkways are no exception.  At one point in time, walkways were simply paths worn through the landscape by repeated use.  The more frequent they were used, the nicer they typically became as users would make alterations to improve the convenience and safety of the route.  Fast […]

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Cutoff Wheel Failure

Engineering design requires creativity and an astute attention to detail. Each choice an engineer makes affects functionality, cost, and longevity of the part. Customers expect quality and therefore demand products to function well and last as long as possible. To ensure the strength and longevity of design, engineers consider a plethora of failure modes and […]

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Foundations and Soils

Building foundations are perhaps one of the most important aspects of building construction.  They are responsible for supporting the building structure in its entirety, so when failure of the foundation occurs, it can have a significant impact on the construction materials that constitute the rest of the structure. However, building foundations are notorious for having […]

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Fall Protection Animations

Fall protection studies currently being collaborated on at Augspurger Komm Engineering have produced a series of animations which demonstrate effective fall protection methods applied to actual accident scenarios. The animations aid, in this case, in visually demonstrating means that could have prevented injury and sometimes fatal consequences in these unfortunate but fairly common occurrences.   […]

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Understanding Arc Flash Hazards

Understanding Arc Flash Hazards Arc Flash is an electric current that passes through air when insulation or isolation between electrified conductors is no longer sufficient to withstand the applied voltage. The flash is immediate, but the result of these incidents can cause severe injury including burns. Arc flashes also can destroy equipment causing extensive downtime […]

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Understanding Net Metering

Understanding Net Metering Anti-Islanding Requirement for residential solar installations Prior to 1980, the most common application of photovoltaic (PV) technology was off-grid, also known as stand-alone. But today, more than 95% of solar installations are on-grid, or “grid-tied.” These most common PV systems are also known as utility-interactive, grid-intertied, or grid-direct, and are intended to […]

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Off-Grid Solar Power

Off-Grid Solar Power Battery ventilation is key to safe operation.   Off-grid Photovoltaic (PV) systems are most common in remote areas not served by utility power.  These systems may be of any size, but typically serve a single residence, which may be some distance from available utility power. Typical PV module array PV modules consist […]

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Accident Reconstruction, Why?

Need an Accident “Reconstructionist”?  Why? So you have a vehicle accident claim to process and you are thinking about hiring an Accident Reconstructionist.  The first question you should ask is:  Why?  What do you need reconstructed? Take a good look at the information you have regarding a claim. This should include a police report that […]