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Agriculture – Most Hazardous?

AG – The most hazardous industry in the nation Even with the reduced exposure of people to farms and farming operations, the National Safety Council reports fatality rates for those engaged in agriculture are at least 6 times higher than for all other industries. In the mid-1930’s, at the peak of US agricultural labor supply, […]

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  Much thought was put into how ladders are designed and tested. The American National Standards Institute has subcommittees which address Portable Wood Ladders, Portable Metal Ladders, Fixed Ladders, etc. This work is memorialized in ANSI A14 consensus standards which provide guidelines for ladder manufacturers to “provide reasonable safety for life and limb.” When one […]

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Claim vs Actual Loss

Sometimes things go wrong in the manufacturing process and the company may unknowingly sell product that is defective then have a claim filed against them. However, the cost as presented by the claimant may not be quite accurate. Such was the case when Company A made 10,000 defective fittings of the type shown in the […]

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Safeguarding Used Equipment

Used industrial equipment such as press brakes and saws offer significant savings and allow companies to increase their production with a smaller capital outlay compared to new machines. While new machines usually feature state-of-the-art safety devices, used equipment may not. The reasons can include age, previous owner(s) not maintaining safety devices and/or removing them. There […]

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Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide   Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas that is found naturally in the atmosphere. Emissions of this gas are released due to the incomplete combustion of fuels. Poorly vented spaces in combination with CO can be an extreme danger to people since CO can accumulate raising the concentrations above the […]

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Ballistics Gel

Unique Ballistics Gel Testing Natural gelatin and water when mixed and cooled together create a substance that is comparable to muscle tissue. Ballistics Gelatin became an important tool for understanding bullet wounds. Martin Fackler and others in the field of wound ballistics developed and improved the gelatin and water solution to closely resemble both human […]

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Anatomy of a Spark

Anatomy of a Spark Sparks created by an electrical arc are high powered but fleeting. The high energy release can melt and vaporize the metal in conductors and terminals. Arc flash is the light created from a high energy electric arc. High energy circuits, such as 3 phase AC systems, are capable of arc flashes […]

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Water Heater Hazards

Water Heater Safety: What are the hazards?   There are multiple ways to heat water for a residence or business; electricity, gas, solar or solid fuels. Each system has its benefits, but they all have a similar layout. A typical water heater is comprised of a storage tank, a heat source, input/output piping, an anode […]

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Battery options

Battery options, recent changes and how they work. Batteries provide electric power by discharging energy through voltage potential. Two dissimilar metals separated by an electrolyte create this potential also called a gradient. It allows the electrons to flow freely in the battery cell. The electrolyte separates the anode or the negatively charged metal and the […]

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Propane Vs Natural Gas Usage

Residences that use gas for cooking and heating commonly use either natural gas or propane. Which gas they use depends on the local infrastructure. If the infrastructure is available natural gas is both convenient and typically cheaper than propane. When the systems for direct access are not available, i.e. outside of municipalities, then the choice […]