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Equipment Commissioning

Utilizing proactive integrated design process, Augspurger Komm Engineering, Inc. has evaluated and commissioned unique equipment and systems in various installations. Our office will address safety, health and environmental concerns. In addition, we can ensure that equipment and installations are properly designed, built and installed in a manner consistent with codes, regulations and sound engineering practices. […]

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Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Through various analytical methods and tools, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of vehicle accidents. We investigate accidents involving  single or multiple vehicles, tractor-trailers, motorcycles and pedestrian impacts.  Our office also examines vehicle fires, tire/tread separation and possible manufacturer defects. Primary Factors Analyzed in Accident Reconstruction Post-incident scene inspection and […]

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Slip / Trip & Fall Injuries

We have a long history of providing expertise to resolve issues related to slip, trip and fall events. These events often require an understanding of the following: Building Codes Determination and interpretation of applicable codes Pedestrian Locomotion Understanding and applying the various aspects of human gait, and how fall events are initiated Visual Perception Lighting […]

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Property Damage

Property Damage Property damage can occur in many forms, from a wide range of sources. Our office has a history of successful investigations involving property damage. Typical Types of Property Damage: Water Damage Product failures Frozen pipes Pipe rupture Incidental fire sprinkler activation Fire Damage Cause and Origin Determination Investigation into appliances, outlets, and other […]

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Product Liability

We provide in-depth investigations and reviews of both consumer and industrial products.  Our investigations typically focus on the reduction of hazards that can result in property damage or personal injury, and include the evaluation of product design and the design process, as well as manufacturing methods and procedures. Perhaps most importantly, our analyses address end […]

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Injury Accidents

Augspurger Komm Engineering and BTI Consultants have provided analysis and expert witness services for a wide range of personal injury incidents. Our engineers combine expertise in relevant codes, standards and human factors to provide a comprehensive understanding of the incident in question whether it occurred in a residential, public, construction or industrial environment. Typical injury […]

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Mechanical Engineering and Design

Mechanical Engineering is a discipline that involves the application of physics, the understanding of established design principles, the design process, the manufacturing process, the expected operation environment of the equipment, and the maintenance of mechanical systems. Additionally, strong mechanical designs must take into consideration: Application of Device Utility of design for intended application Materials Used […]

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Fire Cause & Origin / Explosion Investigation

Determination of fire cause and origin is a highly involved process. Our office understands the importance of conducting a proper scene inspection, involving documented evidence collection/extraction. We use state-of-the-art fire investigation techniques, and often incorporate testing to validate hypotheses.  Our fire investigators understand and investigate both structural and vehicular fires, and have a history of […]

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Construction Defect and Quality Control

Augspurger Komm Engineering and BTI Consultants provide expertise in all aspects of construction, from design and code compliance issues to workmanship standards for individual trades. We have a successful history of resolving issues related to improper design, failure to follow plans and specifications, poor coordination amongst trades, construction contracts and defective building components. Our office […]